The Class Association is run by a broad team of volunteers who work hard to deliver the website, open coaching, youth training, national events,  maintain the class rules and maintain the relationship between sailors and suppliers.

  • Chairman: Andy McRobbie
  • Secretary: Olly Harris
  • Treasurer: Fiona Smith
  • Youth Coordinator: Tim Johnson
  • Webmaster & Social Media: Sam Rowell

  Membership to the association is on the rise and has a lot to offer to sailors.

BSCA Membership Benefits

  • 10% Discount on Spares from White Formula.
  • 30% Discount on Sails (Annual Order)
  • Entry into National Traveller Series
  • Ability to Compete in National and Inland Championships


Racing Events

The British Spitfire Class Association has its own traveller series made up of 6 – 8 events. These events are made up of results extracted from popular Catamaran Open Events from around the UK. The association works with hosting clubs in order to promote, plan and run events as well as providing class specific awards. Where possible Spitfires will have their own start.


Open Training

The spitfire is a boat for all ages and open training is available for all. Open Class training events are scheduled throughout the year and focus mainly on training over the winter in order to prepare for the events in the main sailing season. We are always looking to give our members the best value training. This training is an extended invite to adult members to join in with UKCRA Youth Training. 


Spitfire For Youth Teams

The Spitfire for a long time has been the RYA Youth Catamaran and there has been RYA supported training for Youth Teams under 21 years of age. The Spitfire is the staple boat of choice for the UKCRA (United Kingdom Catamaran Racing Association) Youth Squad who are the leading Catamaran youth squad in the UK.

Recently ISAF (World Sailing) announced the Nacra 15 as the replacement for the SL16. The introduction of the Nacra 15 does not mean that the whole of the UK Youth Multi-Hull scene is going to change overnight. The Spitfire is a firm competitor and has a great second hand market for new teams to get a foothold in the multi-hull pathway. The great thing about the Spitfire is that it can be sailed by Youth and Adult sailors alike.  Once youth sailors go away to university and time for sailing becomes increasingly competitive the Spitfire still offers great fun.

In the past it was the case that the RYA squad trained in Spitfires and then swapped to the SL16 prior to the ISAF World Championships. Now that the Nacra 15 is the ISAF boat of choice UKCRA Youth will train in both Spitfires and Nacra 15s. In the future there may be a natural tipping point towards the Nacra 15 as the second hand market develops but for now be sure that the committee and BSCA members are fully supportive of the Spitfires role in the youth multi-hull pathway. You can be sure that the Spitfire is a great choice and will hold its value due to the adult contingency of our class association.

We wish all of our youth sailors the best of luck with their progression along the pathway and hope they enjoy the Spitfire for many years to come.