The Boat

The Spitfire is a one-design 16ft (4.98m) high performance double-handed catamaran suitable for a wide range of sailors in both ability and age. It features a twin trapeze and a large asymmetric Gennaker. The boats are produced by White Formula who are a long established boat builder based in Brightlingsea, Essex. Spitfire Open training is available to all spitfire owners and is led by RYA Head Catamaran Coach Paul Wakelin. The spitfire has changed little over the years however a larger spinnaker now provides extra power and the ability to sail lower and faster downwind.  


Spitfire at a Glance

  • UK Built and Maintained
  • Stock of Spare Parts Available
  • Suitable for Adults and Youth
  • Part of the Youth Olympic Pathway
  • Well Established Training with highly regarded Coaches
  • Competitive Traveller Series
  • Lightweight and Easily Towed
  • Additional International Events



Main sail area                              15.5 m2

Jib Area                                        4.5 m2

Gennaker Area                            18 m2

Hull length                                   4.98 m

Beam                                             2.52 m

Hull weight                                  139 Kg

Maximum load                            205 Kg

Minimum Crew for capsize       125 Kg

Maximum number of persons   3

Mast length                                   8.55 m


 Getting hold of a boat

You can buy a new Spitfire with everything you need to get on the water from White Formula UK. Second hand boats are available online on various websites and our classifieds section from as little as £2,500 for a complete package.

New Spitfire Price: £13,000 (inc VAT)

Used Spitfire Price: £2,500+