Spitfire Class Rules 2016


On the 17th of October 2016 several changes were made to the Spitfire Class Rules at the AGM at the Inland Championships at Grafham Water Sailing Club. The result of these changes produced Spitfire Class Rules v6.0. There were a number of larger updates and several minor ones to include corrections etc.


Rule Updates:

  • Increase of maximum Mainsheet purchase to 8:1 – This change was made in order to make the boat easier to sail for younger teams. This purchase is currently used on the SL16 which many Spitfire sailors experienced at the World Championships this year. This is a maximum purchase allowed however most sailors will find the standard setup suitable.


  • Extra ratchet blocks on the front beam now allowed for spinnaker sheets – This change brings the spinnaker sheets to a better angle when the crew is trapezing or sitting to leeward.


  • Increase of maximum mast rotation control purchase to 8:1  – This change was requested by both adult and youth sailors in order to make the adjustment of mast rotation easier.


  • Alternative foot straps are now allowed – New boats supplied by White Formula come with large hoop style fabric footstraps which the association believes may cause injury to young sailors as it is possible for more than just the foot to slip through the strap. Adjustable footstraps can now be retrofitted and it is likely that new Spitfires supplied by White Formula will come with adjustable footstraps as standard.


  • Tiller extensions (fixed length) of any make are now allowed  – This rule was changed due to the fact that there are many different types of tiller extensions currently being used. If one were to snap it would be extremely difficult to get hold of a specific brand of tiller extension whilst competing at an event. The length still remains fixed.


  • A few other minor updates and corrections to the rules, including recognition of the “Small Rig” Spitfire for younger sailors.


These rules were proposed to the association over the past year  and were voted in by the membership. The Rules are now in effect from Sunday 18th of October 2015.  The association believes that these changes will benefit the class and make it more accessible for all sailors in the years to come. Please let us know of any rules you would like to see changed over the next year and these will be discussed at the AGM in 2016.


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